A day of tropical geometry

11 April 2022

A one-day conference at the University of St Andrews dedicated to tropical geometry.



  • 12:55-13:05 Gathering and opening remarks (Lecture Theatre D).

  • 13:05-14:00 Yoav Len - Overview of algebraic and tropical geometry (Lecture Theatre D).

  • 14:00-14:15 Coffee break (Room 1A).

  • 14:15-15:15. Dhruv Ranganathan - Quantum geometry for matroids (Lecture Theatre D).

  • 15:30-16:30. Diane Maclagan - Tropical ideals and tropical schemes (Lecture Theatre D).

  • 16:30-18:30. Wine and cheese reception (Room 1A).

The conference will run at the mathematical institute (see map below). The talks will take place in Lecture Theatre D. Coffee breaks and and reception will take place in Room 1A.


Yoav Len - An overview of algebraic and tropical geometry.

This talk will be a refresher on algebraic geometry, tropical geometry, and everything in between. I will review several approaches to tropical geometry, and delve into other areas of combinatorial algebraic geometry such as the theory of matroids.

Dhruv Ranganathan - Quantum geometry for matroids

Gromov-Witten theory probes the geometry of manifolds by studying the space of algebraic curves in that manifold. In the last decade, it has emerged that matroids, which are combinatorial abstractions of a certain class of manifolds, possess many of the structures that one typically attaches to manifolds. This is true even when there is no direct connection to geometry. I will discuss a new direction in this interplay between matroids and geometry, by defining and examining the Gromov-Witten theory of matroids. The talk is based on joint work with Jeremy Usatine (Brown).

Diane Maclagan - Tropical ideals and tropical schemes

An early insight in tropical geometry was that matroids (a combinatorical abstraction of linear independence) play the role of linear spaces. In this talk I will give an overview of the recent work on tropical schemes, which builds on this to develop a theory of tropical commutative algebra that uses matroids, which leads to associated algebraic geometry. Recent highlights include descriptions of the cycles given by tropical schemes, and progress on the strong Nullstellensatz, both joint with Felipe Rincon.

Registration is now closed, but you are welcome to fill out the form and we will let you know if there is still space.


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Keeping safe

COVID regulations in Scotland differ from those of the UK Government. At the moment, the main difference is that mask wearing is still mandatory in Scotland. We ask that all participants:

  • Please take an LFT on the morning of the conference.

  • Please wear a mask in all public areas whilst at the Maths Institute;

  • Make use of hand sanitiser and hand washing facilities regularly;

  • If you feel unwell at any point, please take an LFT.

You may consult the university Covid code for further information.

The conference is funded by the St Andrews school of maths, the St Andrews C&A group, and the LMS scheme 9.